"Each generation, coming out of obscurity, must define its mission and fulfill or betray it." Frantz Fanon - The Wretched of the Earth”

Boggs Center


From War Zones to
Peace Zones for Life


Nathan Huggins


Mama Sandra Hush House



The American Revolution
By James Boggs
2009 Introduction by
Grace Lee Boggs



Bill Moyers Interview
Were the Leaders
We've Been Waiting For


What time Is It? Grace Lee Boggs
Education in Chicago North Dakota Study Group Feb 11-14, 2010


Oya Amakisi USSF - 1-16-2010 MLK Event


Breath of Hope Detroit  go to web site click here

Created by FLYP at the request of the Webby Awards, which are the Oscars of the Web. Breath of Hope has been shortlisted in the documentary category.

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