Debriefing the 2nd USSF

by Grace Lee Boggs

Wednesday evening, July 14, Detroiters met at the Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership to "debrief" the 2nd USSF. It was one of many similar discussions taking place all over our city.

At this meeting we were both thrilled and humbled that our city has become for growing numbers of Americans, a place where people are making a way out of no way and where a new vision is emerging for the country we love at a time when the U.S. empire is in obvious decline,

We realized that this raises a multitude of new and more challenging questions for us.

People wanted to discuss:

To discuss these questions we broke up into small groups. Their reports told us that:

The meeting was a Sharing/Listening experience. No activities were planned. Everyone was grateful for the tremendous work that had been done by the planning committee and the anchor groups. Some folks were very interested in the continuation plans that will emerge from the anchor groups in September.

Essentially people at the meeting wanted to explore "How will we re-imagine and actually assume ressponsibility for rebuilding our city and region as a city and region of hope. "

As someone put it. "The USSF was like placing lightning in a bottle for five days. It expanded, inspired, challenged us to become the new kinds of leaders needed for the period ahead."

My sense from the meeting is that we now need community organizing that is radically, i.e. historically, different from the "Alinsky" protest organizing of the past.

More on that next week. ______

My USSF Conversation with Immanuel Wallerstein can be read at

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